by Silke Schepp

 Haustiere / Pet portraits

   Wildtiere / Wildlife

       Verschiedenes / Miscellaneous 

Aktuelles / News


Momentan bin ich dabei einen Onlineshop für Drucke und Druckgeschenke aufzubauen. Bis der Onlineshop so weit ist, könnte ihr natürlich gerne schon vorbestellen. Einfach über das Kontaktformular oder Email melden.

At the moment I'm building up an online-shop for high-quality prints of all my paintings and print items like cups, bags, cards and more. For ordering prints or gifts already, please contact me via the contact form or mail!  

Feeling very honoured to be amongst such wonderful and exquisite artists in the 12th Annual Online Art Exhibition at the Light, Space and Time Online Gallery.

Have won 6th place with my fighting tiger painting, which is still looking for a title. Thank you so much LST!
Have a look at all the amazing art and photography: