by Silke Schepp


Pastellbilder (Künstlerkreidestifte) / Pastel pencils

Haustiere / Pet portraits

2PS ( Reference by Wendy Hodgins-Corniquet)
'Baxter' (Reference by Roz Castle)
'Jack' (commission, reference by client)
'obedience' (Reference by Penny Wohler-Stone)


Soft kitty, sleepy kitty (Reference by Carmen Jems, SOLD)

'Oskar' (commission, reference by client)
'Roxy' (Reference by Rhiannon Snowcone McCartney, SOLD)
'Frieda' (commission, reference by client)


Wildtiere / Wildlife

On the watch (References by France Bauduin)
Snow leopard (Reference by Wendy Hodgins Corniquet)
'Roar' (Reference by Tommy Dee)
'Serenity' (Reference by Gina Rösner)
'Lion King' (Reference by Gillian Merritt)
'Three little mice' (Reference by Nicola Elliott)

Snow White and Rose Red (Reference by Zoe Johnston Photography)
'When Harry met Sally' (References by Pam Fretwell)
'Lookin' out' (Reference from Pixabay)

'Orion' (Reference by Lydia Uddstrom)
'Pretty Flamingo' (Reference by Don Barrick)

Verschiedenes / Miscellaneous

Motorcycle (commission, reference by client)
'I want candy' (Reference by Pamela Carson)
'Sparkling cherries' (Reference by Gillian Merritt)

Motorcycle (commission, reference by client)
'Hot stuff' (Reference by Don Barrick)
'Lemon splash' (Reference by Clau Aimar)
'Pepper pool party' (Reference by Gillian Merritt)